Freedom From Smoke

Welcome to a whole new range of smokefree natural nicotine experience!

Currently there are alternatives available in the market; some of which are still smoked, thereby accumulating tar poison in the body and clogging the brain with particles. Other alternatives are smoke free which include sucking or chewing or sniffing.

Smokefree products are known to increase dependency and emit high doses of addictive nicotine for etching of receptor receivers in the brain. 

These well-known smokeless alternatives are known to break down the mouth's protective mucosa and thereby provide direct access to the bacteria of the mouth to the blood circulation directly, which can cause mouth ulcers or even oral cancer.

What makes the Considaret so special, in this direction?

Considarets are 100% smoke-and vapor-free, do not leave a bad smell on the clothes, they are discreet and are not seen by the surroundings. They do not leave yellow silt deposits in the mouth and Zero tar poisons for the body and brain.

The taste effects of nicotine and aromas give a satisfaction that is not just based on the nicotine doses. The supplied nicotine; measured by the Technological Institute, is equivalent to approximately 200 individual inhalations provided by each Considaret, varying on average approximately 0.025 mg of nicotine, where a single cigarette can deliver approximately 1mg of nicotine. The satisfaction of Considaret's smokefree technology is compounded by the utilization of nature's taste effects in tastefully enjoyed recipes, in addition to the unburned freshness of nicotine on the taste spectrum's receptor experiences, which gives a smoker's enjoyment. After a few inhalations, this effect is experienced by, in theory, promoting activation of the brain's own production of endorphins, followed by a supplement at the micro doses of the unburned nicotine. 

Does Considaret act like an anti-nicotine addiction product, or is it merely an alternative nicotine enjoyment for smokers to use at places where they are not allowed to smoke their cigarettes? The answer is clear that we have not developed Considaret as a drug for quitting smoking, but as a stimulant that is more eco-friendly; labelled: “Smoke Stop”, giving a delicious taste, even if they do not deliver large doses of nicotine together with combustion gases and smoke particles.

The Considaret thus offers the smoke free nicotine experience that can be freely enjoyed anywhere, whenever you want! You can experience this enjoyment while relaxing in your comfort zones; like in your home, in a train, in a movie theatre, in the office, in the caravan, in hotels and in any indoor climate!

Considaret puffs can thus offer aromatic experiences with virtually all the natural aromas; whenever and wherever you long for a nice relaxing time.

The Considaret is made for you. You can try them safely! They are inexpensive; usually last an entire day or two, rather than packets of environmentally harmful cigarettes and their 4 grams of micro-plastic particulate pollutants that end up in your drinking water.

Choose your tasteful favorite companion! Order through one of the web-shops available here or find your nearest retailer in Denmark on the map at the bottom, under re-sellers.

The Considaret provides astonishing, natural satisfaction by using VAVE Technology. VAVE Technology is a unique method that does not include combustion, heating or roasting. This technology excludes the use of electrical components or polluting batteries, and does not release smoke or chemically moist fumes that restrict your lungs from absorbing fresh oxygen into your blood and brain.   

The Considaret guarantees full non-smoking comfortable satisfaction for you and is considered an alternative to cigarette smoking; where smoking or steaming is no longer legal. We look forward to a smoke-free generation 2030 globally in the future.

- 100% Smokeless
- Freedom to enjoy anywhere & anytime
- 100% Efficient, without batteries, combustion or fire
- Take control of your life and enjoy your smoke as soon as you get a Considaret.