The VAVE Technology


"Delivery through a simple process of INHALATION"

The straws looks very simple and are possible to be produced at a high speed; but so far, no body has managed to bring a competing product to the market using the VAVE Technology, because, they do not know about the science behind this technology.

Then how come we are to deliver the medicine molecules using bio-chemistry and not involving a chemical process? How can the molecules carry the API; if not in the form of droplets, vape, spray, smoke or powder; that is well known to deliver the API in small deposits here or there in the pulmonary system (giving risk of side-effects)? Well-known inhalers can only deliver in the upper area of the lungs, where our straws can deliver to the full area of the lungs (including the lower area) without the use of liquids, powder, destructive pressure or heat; and with no deposits to bring risk of side-effects to damage the lung cells.

Of course, we can deliver natural nicotine as one of the features using the VAVE Technology. This is the lowest hanging fruit, by using the technology, and the market for safe nicotine satisfaction is sky high.

We can use this VAVE Technology to deliver safe treatment for pulmonary diseases like small cell and non-small cell lung cancers, COPD of different kinds, virus attacks, chronic coughing, saliva provoker, pain alleviation in mucosa, reducing the liquid production in the lungs, delivering drugs via the vascular system via the alveolus and oral mucosa, provoking the receptors in nose and mouth and throat therapeutically with neurotransmitter provoking terpenes and effects from APIś to target targeting dietary components and doses of medication that is given as capsules, drops, tabs or injection.

This straw device built around VAVE Technology can be used to deliver different combinations of API or living cells; carried by safe or healing terpenes carefully selected for the purpose. If institutions have herbal extracts, cannabinoids, nicotine, opiates/ fentanyl, vaccines or other APIś that needs to be delivered as air to oral mucosa for inhalation to the full pulmonary system, we can create the medico for the customized products treatment, by using this VAVE Technology and one of our inhalers produced for the purpose. 

This technology is not common knowledge. It seems simple, but is developed by a team of people who are highly physically skilled and educated in the art of being a flavourist and bio-chemicals. 

If they have an API they want to be delivered, we can customize the medico for them to make an agreement where we are interested in filing patent for their API while delivering it using VAVE technology.

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