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Things you need to know about Corona Virus

The mortality rate of virus-affected smokers is significantly higher, among smokers who have not already died early from smoking. The 62.7% mortality rate for virus-affected adult heavy smokers shows that the virus can well survive in the toxic tar-containing environment that heavy smokers have in their lungs. Weakened lungs' by reduced uptake of oxygen, causing deficient oxygen supplies to the internal organs needed in relation to the coughing up of inflamed concurrent fluid. It is fatal when the internal organs "stop functioning" Smoke-free tobacco inhalation is needed even more than ever! after Covid-19 virus establishment globally.

This also applies to people inhaling smoke or other particles in cities with smoke and in open kitchen working environments. We can expect more countries to fight this virus in their populations, but we must also expect that more developing countries will not be able to fight and remove or limit the Covid-19 virus. In the future, it will be a world divided into infectious populations and countries with controls against the entry of infected travelers, carrying the Covid-19 virus.

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